Lachish   in   the   earlier   days   of   Israel   (now   Tell   ed-Duweir)   was   a   fortified   city,   which   in   the   history   of   Israel   was   of   great importance.   Explorations   revealed   that   the   city   was   apparently   destroyed   twice   by   fire   -   assumedly   in   618-619   and   in   609- 607   B.C.   Between   1935   –   1938,   21   written   potsherds   were   found   in   the   ashes   of   the   second   fire.   These   potsherds   are   also called   ostraka   (singular:   ostrakon).   These   ostraka   were   in   fact   written   letters.   The   letters   were   written   from   an   outpost   of Judean   forces   and   were   meant   for   Ya'osh,   a   military   commander   in   Lachis.   The   background   of   the   letters   has   to   do   with threats   coming   from   Nebuchadnezzar,   the   King   of   Babylon.   Because   of   the   uprising   of   Israel   he   marched   upwards   to Jerusalem. Letter IV : “May   YHWH   cause   my   lord   to   hear   good   news,...   we   are   watching   the   fire   signals   of   Lachis,   according   to   the   signs   my   lord gives, because we can not see Azekah” - It   is   interesting   to   know   that   the   Bible   also   speaks   of   this   situation   in   Jeremiah   34:6,   7:   "Then   Jeremiah   the   prophet   spoke all   these   words   to   Zedeki'ah   king   of   Judah,   in   Jerusalem,   when   the   army   of   the   king   of   Babylon   was   fighting   against Jerusalem   and   against   all   the   cities   of   Judah   that   were   left,   Lachish   and   Aze'kah;   for   these   were   the   only   fortified   cities   of Judah that remained." (Revised Standard Bible)
Facsimile’s made by B. Bonte
As   relates   to   the   Divine   Name,   it’s   interesting   to   see   that   on   all   readable   ostraka   we   find   expressions   such   as:   “May   YHWH cause my lord to hear good news"! A proof that the Divine Name was often used!