AALST City in East Flanders, Belgium. (83.267 inhabitants (1/1/2014) Church: 1st phase: 1480 - 1650. Brabant Gothik style, made in stone brought from Vilvoorde.
The   divine   name   is   written   twice   here   in   Hebrew.   The   first   time   it   is   found   on   an   altar which   has   some   statues   surrounding   it.   The   statue   where   God's   name   is   written   on   the head-dress,   which   is   the   statue   representing   Zacharias.   Evidenced   by   the   script   below   the picture   showing   'Zacharias’.   Below   the   statue   next   to   the   it   is   written   'S.   Elisabeth   '.   The priest Zacharias and his wife Elisabeth were the parents of John the Baptist. The   second   time   God's   name   can   be   found   is   on   the   oak   pulpit   commissioned   by   William   I van   Buscum   (the   old).   The   pulpit   was   placed   in   the   church   in   1812.   God's   name   can   be   seen here in the middle of a radiant triangle.